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"Dinosaur" is a huge family of species, grouped into smaller groups of species.

It was a huge living family before one of the Earth's bigger extinction events.

"Birds" is one of the branches of that family. They are a specific group of Theropods, which are a specific group of Dinosaurs. It's a sub-branch of a sub-branch of a bigger tree, which is, itself, a sub-branch of the massive tree of all life on Earth, past and present. You can distinguish birds from non-bird dinosaurs, but there's no way to say birds aren't dinosaurs, any more than you can say housecats aren't mammals.

You can look at this nested list to see how everything's situated. Search for "Aves" to see where all birds, past and present, are attached to the tree. Every group name with a cross in front of it is completely extinct.
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