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But, really, what kind of evidence is useful here, regardless of one's stance. How many factors enter into crime statistics? No matter what, aren't we pretty much doomed to post hoc failure in our evidence?

If gun related homicide dropped 40% in Elbonia after they completely removed all gun controls, would that prove something? How about if there were a nationwide disgust with firearms, so that nobody much had them? Where social pressures outweigh legal pressures?

Or a 40% rise in homicides after gun restrictions were enacted, but only criminals had them and there was an ongoing, vigorous debate in the free black market.

How can we isolate an experiment in statistics that will prove any point, whatsoever, in something as chaotic and energetic as America?

The question can't be resolved on a data point, however sharp it may be. It can only be a matter of reasonable sifting of uncertain data, where no scientific conclusion is possible.

I disapprove of the violence in my America. Duh. If I truly believed that an absence of guns in my country would directly and effectively address that problem, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment. I would call up the black helicopters and grab every gun in sight.

But it just ain't so.

Is it really a threat to suggest that maybe your strange Uncle Fred ought not to have a military style weapon? If you feel the need for nine millimeter reassurance, maybe fifteen rounds ought to be enough? Are these unreasonable questions? Or can our concerns be dismissed if we are not familiar with configurations of bayonet attachments? Need I be an oncologist to despise cancer? Do I need to know the precise definition of the weapon I don't ever want to see?

Let us resolve to be less fearful of each other. And if we can't quite manage that, let's do our best to pretend. The only way to kill a demon is to starve it to death.

Happy New Year.

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