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Originally Posted by elucidator View Post
...Is it really a threat to suggest that maybe your strange Uncle Fred ought not to have a military style weapon? If you feel the need for nine millimeter reassurance, maybe fifteen rounds ought to be enough? Are these unreasonable questions? Or can our concerns be dismissed if we are not familiar with configurations of bayonet attachments? Need I be an oncologist to despise cancer? Do I need to know the precise definition of the weapon I don't ever want to see?

The problem is that it's not my strange Uncle Fred. It's me. Productive member of society that I am. Owner of a business that employs a dozen guys making 6 figure incomes in a good year, father of three, independent voter, and happily married. Every time you try to and isolate owners of the guns as crazy Uncle Freds, you push us back just a little farther. I'm at the point where I really don't care to argue anymore.

I have spent the last 20 years collecting the guns that I have and I plan to pass them on to my kids. The threat as I see it, is that these weapons have somehow been placed on the chopping block with absolutely no serious consideration of their involvement in crime at the national level. They just aren't the problem. What may seem reasonable to you and others, just seems short sighted to me.

Happy new year to you also. I'm now off to watch Nebraska lose.