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No, no, no, and no.

...So you are saying it would be impossible to demonstrate or that the effects would be impossible to observe?....
Don't know. As I sit here, I can't think of any such statistical analysis that could prove anything, at least not to the extent of convincing the fervently devoted. We have lots of such studies that could be fairly said to be indicative, but not conclusive.

...How do you tell if these laws work then? Should we toss some chicken bones on a table or should we just take you on your word that the effects are real despite being non-observable?...
My word? What does my credibility or lack thereof have to do with it? The evidence is conclusive or it isn't, whether I use it to bolster my case, or you do, or that guy over there.

"Chicken bones"? What?

...Or are you saying Gun control is so ineffective that it would not cause an observable acceleration in a down trend in homicide or reduce an up trend? What value would it provide it that is true?...
I don't know, I would be happy to entertain a suggestion as to how that might be done. Simply because I don't know how it could be done does not mean it can't be done. I cannot parse the last sentence there, so no comment is offered.

...Or are you arguing that your belief is based on faith and facts and reality have no bearing on it?...
More of an accusation that a question, isn't it? Answer, nonetheless, is no.

By the way, ever find that quote?