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Everyone want sot come to the US, because the US is the richest, most powerful country in the world. Why wouldn't they? I wouldn't want a Chinese education any more than I would want to drive a Chinese car or carry a Chinese handbag.

You seem to be under the impression that people go into university or any kind of schooling to get an education or to learn shit. Maybe some do but they surely are a tiny minority. A university education is a luxury status good and indicator of social class. The ruling elite of any society will always have some kind of ritual or shiboleth as part of their process of self perpetuation, to initiate the next generation into the ruling heirarchy. Whether it's joining the Communist Party, being ordained into the Catholic church, or attending an ivy league university the result is the same. The precise manner of the self flagellation used in the ritual, whether it be rote learning of Confucius or rolling around the dirt of the rugby field is irrelevant.

What the fuck do you learn in undergraduate classes that you can't learn from just reading Wikipedia?

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