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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
The fact that of the 11 nations of North America, none of them is based on African-Americans’ culture?
The region of the Dakota's, Wyoming, eastern Montana etc. would also be the 'nation of the Horse Culture natives' where that culture dominated down to the present...if the European settlers had not displaced and dominated those people. I don't think it's 'unfair exclusion' to now classify no whole region of the US as dominated by native culture. No whole region is, because the European settlers supplanted that culture.

Somewhat likewise for African Americans. Segregation, legal and practical, meant and to an arguable degree still means that African American culture (however it might be defined) dominates in enclaves. But not in any whole region. The whole region with highest % African American population is the Deep South, or more concentrated still in the so called Black Belt region around the Mississippi (originally because of the soil, though the term can have a double meaning). But the dominant culture there was that of the whites, who remained dominant until recently (if one even accepts that things have changed a lot recently). Saying that the way things get done in the state of MS differently than MI or MT is handed down from an African American cultural history in MS is clearly inaccurate IMO.

I think you can legitimately criticize the *regional* 'cultural nation' concept of that article as being a very incomplete description of cultural geography, because it ignores enclaves, and the sum of the effect of a bunch of enclaves, as in for example the noticeable effect of African American cultural contributions on general US culture, which isn't new. However not naming a large geographic 'African American cultural nation' isn't unfair exclusion. There is no such whole region, due to past unfair exclusion.

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