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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
So, considering the clear motive to acquit despite the evidence (as I see it. If anyone has an alibi for Trump & co., please share it), at what point does the GOP become a bunch of confederates? Inviting foreign powers to tilt an election to keep an above-the-law executive in power? Hard to imagine a less patriotic position, but I am sure these guys will be along with one soon.
I think the Senate Republicans will just 'yadda yadda' the emphasized (by me) bit away. They have consistently avoided answering any and all questions on the topic of Presidents calling on foreign powers to influence elections. That's a forbidden subject. Because after all, the Unitary Executive head can do whatever he damn well pleases, and it will turn out to be for the good of the entire nation! Because mystical magical reasons!

Republicans in the Senate will occupy themselves by following the lead of those in the House: complaining about those Awful, Awful Democrats and How Rude They Are to Our Great President. End of story.