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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
I think the Senate Republicans will just 'yadda yadda' the emphasized (by me) bit away. They have consistently avoided answering any and all questions on the topic of Presidents calling on foreign powers to influence elections. That's a forbidden subject. Because after all, the Unitary Executive head can do whatever he damn well pleases, and it will turn out to be for the good of the entire nation! Because mystical magical reasons!

Republicans in the Senate will occupy themselves by following the lead of those in the House: complaining about those Awful, Awful Democrats and How Rude They Are to Our Great President. End of story.
They can do that, but it will be increasingly hollow. They have sold themselves for years as the Moral Majority and the True Defenders of Mom, baseball and apple pie. God's party, yanno? And now they are cashing that ALL in to defend inviting foreign powers to rig an election.

I don't see them maintaining any moral authority going forward. And their chaining themselves to religion seems likely to backfire- after all that yammering about Jesus, they are actually one big gang of crooks. The moral? Never trust a Bible-beater, they aren't lying only about talking snakes, but literally everything. My values are superior as I am capable of intellectual honesty.

I can't see a way it isn't an utterly foolhardy move, unless the benefits of a little over a year more of Trump are just that astounding. Yeah, an criminal idiot as the head of the party. Good luck and good grief.