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Originally Posted by E-DUB View Post
I hope you're wrong, but I fear you're right.

There are now two kinds of people in this country, those who believe in the US as a pluralistic democratic nation, and those who don't. For the latter, the pluralism is what constitutes, at base, the reason for their rejection of democracy.
Look at what Bill Barr is doing and saying as the head of the DoJ. He's made absolutely no bones about the fact that he is going to operate as Trump's attack dog because he believes in the power of the executive branch to advance conservative causes. Look at what Trump is saying about Chris Wray. Together, they're trying to plant the seed, trying to lay down the groundwork, trying to establish consent for whatever comes next.

You need to have a burning hatred of conservatives and what they're trying to do to you. If you don't, then you're just letting them prison rape you, and you deserve what you get, which is a stolen country. Rage is good.