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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
Yah well sometimes rage is all one has. I think that describes the opposition right now, and it is leading them to support a criminal regime. They appear to be enraged at ghosts though- not only Benghazi but Hillary and the D's are responsible for the pizza sex ring and a whole host of other crimes which, to them, justify Any response- crimes for which nothing is ever proven and charges are never brought.

Now, if their guy is formally impeached on what looks like inarguable grounds, why, change the subject! D's are terrible! Put Nadler on the stand, because.. never mind why!!

And it is always "never mind why." Notice that? We see why "blind" and "rage" so often go together. Smart is better, and it just so happens we have the smart people who can actually prove a point. Let's leverage that.
It's not rage that conservatives have; they have entitlement and a desire to establish supremacy using whatever means they have at their disposal. There will still probably be a form of 'democracy' if they manage to succeed in their political heist, but it won't look anything like the democracy we now have. It will be one that rubber stamps and legitimizes their oligarchy and kleptocracy, and so will their justice system.