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Crows: Best Way To Attract Them?

Do you like crows as much as I do?

Having done some research, I've learned they eat just about anything, are diurnal, and of course, very smart.

So we got a tall bird feeder with metal rungs on the side, and two sections for food.

Going on the assumption that they're clever thieves, we bought a box of hamster food and filled the feeder with it, and I am hoping that at some point, they'll find my way to our front yard.

1. I don't have the feeder hanging from a tree (can't reach a limb) but from an old bench swing set.

2. I still need to put out some water

3. And I am currently thawing out some wild hog meat we were given by brother a while back. I plan to add this in small bits to their other food.

So if you too are a fan of corvidae, what's your method of attracting them?

Anecdote: I saw a funny t-shirt online last night. Upon it were two crows on a line, One was facing the back of the other one, who was obviously female and wanted nothing to do with the first one.

The caption on the shirt read Attempted Murder.

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