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It really depends on what the available food source is, if food is scarce pea sized dog food kibble will attract them but note that you can attract individuals and groups if you establish trust by letting them see you place high value foods out for them. Live food like earthworms can really teach them to watch you and start to build trust. Cheese and fresh fruit also are good but having something that is alive really helps.

Note that crows can remember and recognize faces for years, and if you get one to vouch for you it will end in a murder.

I had a crazy dog that use to carry individual kibble out onto the back porch one by one, then go out and eat them from time to tom. The crows figured this out and would grab a few while she was in the moving phase. After my dog passed I would carry pieces out and they would fly in to grab them almost from my hand.

One individual crow had a very distinct injury and visited for years. As they can also learn to talk I would always say "never more, never more" while feeding them. I never heard them talk back to me but I hopeful that maybe they did say "never more" to someone.