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I like crows too and use to put out bread for them , they started to recognize me when I was taking my dog out . A crow would wait on a light pole for me and when I went outside the crow would start cawing to let the others crows food was coming , I would have to run back inside and get some bread sometimes.
A neighbor told me that the crows were waking her up at 5:30 AM by cawing so I had to stop feeding them.
Crows like to wash their meals off before eating it . I kept finding body parts of animals in my bird bath and had no idea who or what was doing this until someone told me on another forum . I had seen crows dropping body parts in the birdbath ! So when it get warmer out side up a bowl with water and hang birdfeeder near it so the crows will know they have a place to wash their meals. You could start picking roadkills and leaving it in your yard for the crows.