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Originally Posted by enalzi View Post
Saw it on Saturday,

Something I haven't seen mentioned here yet:
Do you think Nebula made sure to have Clint and Nat go together to get the Soul Stone? The Soul Stone requires not just a sacrifice, but a sacrifice of someone you love the most. Any other pairing goes there, they don't get the stone. I think Nebula put together the pieces of what happened to Gamora and pushed those two to go. Which is also a little redemption for Quill ruining the plan on Titan. If he hadn't done that, Nebula wouldn't have figured it out.
I thought that too. I think it makes sense, and I think it's perfectly in character for Nebula - just because she's on the side of the angels, that doesn't mean she is one. Nebula is just unsentimental enough to knowingly sacrifice a member of her team, if it's the only way to do the job.