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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
But regardless: the men raging across the internet over the scene as shot they would be raging over your scene as well. It wouldn't make any difference to them.
Are you counting me (and other posters in this thread) as part of "men raging across the internet"?

Because I am absolutely 100% certain that my reaction to that scene was not because I object to girl power or messages of uplift, it was because the logistics of the scene jumped out like a sore thumb. I'm quite sure that there are mouth-breathing cretins who are complaining just because women-sjw-feminazis, but that doesn't mean everyone who had an issues with that scene is so motivated.

For instance, here's a quote from Caroline Siede at the AV Club:
Part of what makes the moment so clunky is that it sacrifices all sense of internal logic in favor of simplistic iconography. (Look, Im all for female solidarity, but if the fate of the universe relies on me successfully carrying a gauntlet across a field, Id frankly much rather have Thor by my side than Mantis.)
(Most of the article, she spends complaining about the fact that the scene is unearned because the rest of the movie isn't woman-forward enough, so they're using that scene to unduly pat themselves on the back.)

"Clunky", "sacrifices all sense of internal logic". I agree with both of those criticisms. So do many people, apparently. If you disagree, if you thought that that scene in no way stood out from the general level of comic-book-illogic of the rest of the movie, well, then I guess we just disagree.
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