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I think that it's unprofessional, and inappropriate for a business environment. Since it sounds like management has turned a blind eye to it, that's encouraged the employees to keep doing that stuff.

Are you being overly sensitive to it? Maybe. I imagine that the conservative posters on this thread wouldn't be happy working in an environment where their co-workers were putting up "Impeach the Orange Pussy-Grabber" signs, either.

As Procrustus notes, unless your state has some specific laws about political speech in the workplace, it's probably not something that's legally actionable, as political orientation isn't a protected class. And, as you note, since all of this seems to be being tacitly encouraged by management, stirring the pot isn't likely to end well for you.

IMO, it's low-level trolling. Annoying, for sure, and maybe hard to tune out, but I'm not seeing a good way to discourage it that's not likely to lead to more overt harassment.