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I took the Amtrak from Florida to DC once (no stops), and had an individual sleeper cabin for both ends of the trip. Never stayed in coach.

The cabin I had had a pull down bunk bed type thing that came down from the ceiling. You have a little individual TV in there that you can watch while you're laying in bed.

I had a little booth-like table and seats, a toilet, a mirror, and a sink. There were a couple of power outlets in there.

The lounge car was really just a car that had booths in it, and had a cafeteria feel to it, and it also served as the smoking section during the trip. They only let people smoke at certain times during the trip, so when the smoking light is on, the bar car fills up and everyone smokes. Kinda like the glass smoking cages they have in some airports. So if you can't take thick smoke, I'd avoid the bar car during those times.

Other than that it was good. The meal I had in the dining car was good, and the staff was nice. Plus, it was nice to be able to lay down after some drinks and sleep most of the trip.

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