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I took Amtrak from Chicago to somewhere in Missouri a couple years ago. A couple hours past St. Louis, I forget the name of the town (Jackson City?). It was a 9-hour trip, and I took the train both ways. I'm pretty sure it's a shorter-distance type train with no sleepers available.

That train had an option for "Business class" seats for an extra $20. Totally worth every penny! These seats were in the front of the train, in the front third of the cafe car. The seats were like first-class airline seats, with space between them to recline the back and put up the footrest so they were nearly flat. Definitely regular 110v outlets. A $5 voucher for food, and the conductor gave us coffee/tea and newspapers at the beginning of the trip. The location of the seats in the front was in a place no one needed to walk through to get anywhere else, so we were by ourselves (maybe 14 seats) with no one needing to walk through during loading and unloading.

If your coach trains have this Business Class option to upgrade, I highly recommend!