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Originally Posted by Fang View Post
If you are going by my experience traveling from New York to Baltimore on Sunday, expect your train to break down 5 minutes before your destination, have to wait an extra 3 hours going nowhere without air conditioning (for what was supposed to be a 2.5-hour ride), not have the train crew available to ask questions, and then have to exit the train via stairs, walk across the tracks, and climb back up into another train.

Frankly I would fly.
I take the trip from Chicago to Kansas City at least twice a month. I'd put it's on-time performance at 85%. I have gotten stuck, one time 30 minutes outside of my destination for 2 hours, and one time because some idiot in a pick-up truck thought he could beat the train. I wish they had better on-time performance, but as they don't control the tracks, and they've been starved for funding compared to the auto industry and the airline industry, they're not doing too bad.