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Originally Posted by ReBusEniGma
Yes, what Fuji said. But with more passion.

[Slight hijack]
Hey I learned something today about my truck. As obvious as it sounds now, or for other people who already knew this, I didn't know that having the tailgate up and the box empty can significantly reduce gas mileage. The ways to remedy this are to either take off the tailgate, leave it down, use a web instead of a tailgate, or put a topper or tarp over the box so as to reduce the cavitation and air drag. Cool.
[/Slight hijack]
Sounds crazy, but I think I've heard just the opposite. The tail creates an air damn that actually creates a better air flow over the vehicle.

I've never had to put weight in my truck. But it is a 4x4. It's an old one that has a strange full time 4x4 time system. IE - no locking hubs.