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This question has, or will soon become, moot. KFC is changing itself back to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
After years of trying to downplay consumers’ image of their fried chicken being unhealthy, KFC has decided to turn its name back into Kentucky Fried Chicken, although the return to its original roots is a change in name only.


The company plans to open 50 more such restaurants across the country this year. Owned by Yum Brands, Inc., KFC has served as one of the corporations flagship chains, along with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. But KFC has been a thorn in Yum’s side in recent years because of flagging sales and consumers straying to more trendy, health-oriented fare in fast food. So to meet the demand for new, upscale fast food, KFC is going to provide the public with hip, new restaurants and products. The restaurants opening this year won’t be brand new franchises; they’ll be existing stores remodeled with new looks. They will all display the Kentucky Fried Chicken name and hip new Colonel, as well as the updated menu.
P.S. Entering Kentucky Fried Chicken name change into Google gives hundreds of hits on the story behind the hoax name change.