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I asked He Who Waveth The Spectacularly Imposing Kitty-Tail

ME: Pardon me, your Exquisite Fuzziness, but is it true that you catfolk can understand human words?

HHWSIKT: To the extent that Those Who Doth Operate the Can-Opener have actual thoughts, and can give voice to them, well, yes, of course.

ME: Are you sure you're not assessing the validity of human thoughts on the basis of whether or not their contents are interesting or useful to you?

HHWSIKT: You seem to be trying to make a point of some sort. I think you are begging the question though. The validity of human thoughts, like the validity of anything else in this limited world, is of course a function of whether or not the contents thereof are interesting or useful to me.

ME: Yeah, yeah...look, I think this is about whether or not kitty-cats have the mental skills to recognize sound patterns and correlate them with the context in which they occur.

HHWSIKT: ::gives slanty-eyed askance treatment:: Your behaviors with the most useful patterns aren't the silly sounds you make. I noticed you picked me up and put me outside whenever I went to sharpen my claws on the sliding screen door, and were quite rapid in doing so. This was useful information, so whenever I wish to go outside I make sure I have your eye and then I raise up and start clawing the screen door. If the vocal sounds you make give me a useful handle on how to manage you more effectively, I'll make use of it, but with a couple of minor exceptions they have not proven that useful or interesting to me. ::cat yawn::