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Did Jesus really exist? And what's with the Shroud of Turin?

I just read this older article in search for myself why there are no records of the Christ,
you would think there would be hundreds of ancient writings and records for someone who claimed to be the son of God. its so confusing.
and came to this conclusion about the shroud.
how could it be from the Christ? for one thing i think cloth would decompose.
If I removed my dead son or relative, from a torture stake, id clean him off, [his blood would run out and coagulate wouldn't it?]
prepare him for burial and dress him in robes, and mend his wound and try to hide the fact that he was so abused, id put makeup on him to cover the bruises.
id then bury him in a proper grave.
now, did not he rise after 3 days? and those wrappings would have fallen off.
who collected them?