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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
You misunderstood. You said there was insufficient evidence for conviction. That is a claim that is evaluated by a judge, DA, police, and a jury. All of whom upon hearing more evidence than 9 hours of a podcast determined there was. Your opinion in that matter is based on almost nothing.


How do you I so is lawyer was incompetent? For all we know Adnan could have confessed to her. You listened to less than 9 hours of a show and you think that gives you enough evidence to impune everyone involved in this case from Jenn to the judge? At what point do the mental gymnastics you've performed to conclude Adnan didn't do it because he's a "nice guy" run into the cold reality that you are slandering multiple people with serious accusations?
At no time did I say that I think Adnan is innocent because he's a "nice guy". I said that I believe there is insufficient evidence to convict him or murder. For all I know, he may be guilty. For all you know, Jay may be guilty.

In addition, a reputable team of Innocence Project lawyers seem to agree with the fact that the evidence was insufficient to convict.

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