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Originally Posted by mr. jp View Post
I forgot what exactly happened with Jen. Which episode was that from?
Episode 4, "Inconsistencies". The police notice from Adnan's cell records that Jen was called six times on the day of the murder. They go to talk to her on January 26th. At first she tells them nothing, then the next day, the 27th, she goes back to them, armed with a lawyer. According to SK, she was afraid that she might be charged, and Jay had told her to tell the cops what she knew and send them his way.

Jen's story to the police is that Jay told her about the murder the very day that it happened, on the 13th, when Adnan dropped off Jay that night. In this version of Jay's story, he had refused to take part in the burial, which he would later admit to, and the murder happened at Best Buy.

Jen then says that she later gave Jay a ride to where he and Adnan dumped the shovels, so that Jay could wipe prints off them and get rid of them. She also knows, from Jay, that Hae was strangled. I don't think that would have been common knowledge at that point.

Note that this is before the police speak to Jay. He is first questioned on the 28th.

So, yeah. Maybe, if I'm drunk enough, I can go along with a theory where some unknown third party did it, Jay is completely uninvolved, and he makes up his story wholesale with info from the police. But with Jen's testimony taken into account, that seems like fairy tale territory. It Jay isn't involved, I can't see why Jen tells them what she does on the 27th and points the cops to Jay.

I also have a hard time imagining a realistic scenario where Jay is involved, but not Adnan. It's both of them or neither, I think.

On the other hand: Jen could still be lying about something, in some way. She was clearly willing to shut up about her knowledge of the crime until the cops showed up, presumably the protect Jay. She's not a model citizen. So, there's still a lot of room for speculation, I guess.