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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
Finally reached 60. Anybody else get the weird transparent panels across your screen?
No, what exactly does that look like? You do get a pop-up message about breaking the planet when you reach 60. Maybe it's not displaying correctly in your browser?

Incidentally, to anyone else, that pop-up message you get when you break the planet lets you click "I'll be OK" or "I'm scared." What happens if you click "I'm scared?"

Originally Posted by Peter Morris View Post
Ah, right. But it doesn't let me spend the helium I've earned this run. Not a particularly useful feature, then.
I've never done it, but based on my reading of the wiki and the reddit, people find it useful when doing challenges. The challenges alter the game mechanic in various ways for the duration of the challenge, but those alterations go away once you reach whatever milestone completes the challenge (completing a certain unique map like "The Wall," reaching a certain zone, etc.) And you can then go on playing under regular, non-challenge conditions. So what people do is configure their perks a certain way that works well with the challenge conditions, but which is non-advantageous under non-challenge conditions, so they'll respec once they complete the challenge.