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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
You play splinters even in competition like this? Is that common?
On reflection, it is more common just to play a jump in opponents' suit as a splinter and the other suits as natural or a fit-jump.

You haven't discussed it with partner but assume that 5H means "I have control of all side suits, bid 6H if you have good trumps."
At the club where I play, people usually play it as:
  • If opponents have bid a suit, I do not have control in that suit, else
  • If we have bid three suits, I do not have control in the fourth, else
  • Do you have good trumps?

Now the other problem. Forget that you've seen the North hand. Holding
♠ 5
♡ KT9876532
♢ 7
♣ 65
on the bidding
1S 2D 4H P
5H P ?
What call do you make? (In practice you get a Diamond lead and take 13 tricks.)
Tricky. When I suggested 5H I was wanting partner to bid on with something like the suit I suggested: KQJTxxxx. I suspect I would pass with the broken 9-card suit. If partner has a singleton, you don't want to be in slam, even if partner has all the other suits completely covered. Maybe I was wrong to suggest 5H. Partner would like a 5C cue bid, but I still don't see that hand bidding 6. Maybe the other hand is good enough to bid 6H over 4H.