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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I held the nine hearts and passed 5 Hearts with little thought, but now I wonder. What would I do with
* KQJxxxx
* KQJxxxxx
* KTxxxxxxx
Surely I'd have bid 6H with KQJ-eighth and presumably KQJ-seventh. But K-ninth is a better suit than either,
Not opposite a singleton or void it isn't. Partner already knows you have good hearts from the 4H bid, so 5H is asking if you have very good hearts, which I take to mean will play for no more than one loser opposite a singleton or void.

I looked at my "broken suit" and passed, but how "broken" is it really with NINE cards?
Opposite a void, small singleton or jack singleton you will usually have two losers.

Partner made a great 5 Heart call, maybe. Should I have said "Six Hearts"?
I don't think so, for reasons already indicated.