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Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
While technically true that we don't have a model developed,
No it isn't, it's just not technically true that we have proven our model beyond all doubt by creating an emulation that does exactly the same thing. Yet. We have a model. There are synapses. They fire when they reach a voltage threshold. Signals are all or nothing. They travel at speeds much less than lightspeed, limited by retransmission nodes. Each synapse has a weight and either adds or subtracts from that voltage level. Some synapses are connected to glands that can emit something that goes brain-wide and affects all the synapses of a specific type.

Everything here is straightforward to emulate, you just need to use a computer with sufficient memory and bandwidth to that memory to even remotely approach realtime speeds. And you need a scan of all the synapses, which is very expensive to get.

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