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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Is it? What if the 95th percentile outcome for their illness and present stage is 1 week to live? Or 1 month? You're trading off a small amount of remaining lifespan where the person is probably in a lot of pain and fear for a non zero positive outcome.

I mean, there's no negative outcome. If the cost to freeze them and for 300 years of coolant is less than the cost of 1 week of ICU care and the cost of a funeral, then you're ahead financially*. Even if you can't ever revive them in 300 years, it's still a positive EV, and you measure the chance that you can revive them times the utility if you succeed, and that's obviously a large positive number, however you weight it.

*the coolant is about $1000 a decade, $10k is a century, and that neglects the fact that you could invest money at 1% interest to pay for coolant next century.

There are also site and security costs, but you could easily put a million patients per underground complex and thus get the cost down considerably.
Even if your best outcome is possible, I still haven't seen you show any reason to believe that anyone 300 years from now will want to to revive, say, me. (And why I should assume they would for noble purposes and not, again say, to make me into a robot sex slave with a "real people personality"!)

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
{...} and there are like 10 other morons in here who keep just parroting random shit and who don't take the argument seriously. {...}
We're taking this pitting very seriously . . . it just that you, and others, are ruining this pitting by allowing you to turn it into yet another "debate" with YOU!

CMC fnord!
It has come to my attention that people are stupid.
We, the smart ones, should be coming up with plans for how to remedy this, but we're all too busy watching Battlestar Galactica. wierdaaron