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Originally Posted by Leaper View Post
Because, again, the message Iím hearing is ďthe building is on fire, but youíre idiots if you canít see that thereís nothing to be done and weíre all going to die no matter what.Ē And I brought up the agreement to demonstrate Iím not alone *in that specific interpretation*. This particular poster has already backpedaled on two statements Iíve seen that I thought were very firm and clear by claiming metaphor or some such.
I have to repeat: "So what?"

Originally Posted by Leaper View Post
Then thereís the point of disagreement: what you see as ďa bit of verbalization,Ē Iíve seen as ďthe near constant, primary message.Ē Thatís where some of the frustration from other posters comes from.

Put him on your ignore list if you're tired of what he says. Or at the very least, don't read his posts. I do not see what you hope to accomplish with your ranting.

Now I'm going to stop ranting at you.