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Originally Posted by Mr. Nylock View Post
The idea that there even is such a thing as "expert" in matters such as this is absurd on its face - it's not a point I want to debate here and now, but if it's something you want to go back and forth on, like when we're bored and battling insomnia in the wee hours of the morning and have nothing to do but argue subtle points about the meaning of various things I might still be up. Some nights I'm not sleeping so well other nights I'm out, it's hard to predict.
No I'm not interested in such a debate. I'm pretty sure it's going to boil down to the definition of expert, because, with mine, it seems so utterly obvious there are experts. There are people who study racism and have made it their life's work. And there is a fairly broad agreement on what is and isn't racism--the debates are in the nuances.

As for the rest, we're talking past each other so much and have gone so far afield that I think we'd just be going further off the road to keep on.

Since I have so thoroughly misunderstood you, I will ask you the most basic of questions: what is your answer to the OP?

Mine is basically "no." At least, among those who are actually anti-racist, there is very little use of "racist" to try and shut down debates. And, rather than the word being watered down, it is being artificially limited, because people get too insulted by even suggesting the idea that something might be racist.

I do, however, see a small but worrying tendency of people being called racist for saying anti-racist things. I recently saw a video making fun of racist remarks made towards her. And she was called a racist for making fun of them.

And here's my second question: what relevance does your second post have? What are you saying about the topic of the thread? I clearly misunderstood your point, so could you make it more clear?