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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
Sherrod Brown plans trip to Iowa. But jeez Louise, Sherrod, I feel like you're half-assing your way into this. No name recognition, no campaign infrastructure as-of-yet, basically no money in the kitty, and the only headlines these days are about you not being sure if you want to run or not. I feel like he needs to make a decision before the bigger names get in the race. He's gonna be competing for the same people as Biden and playing catch-up if he's too cautious. He may be well-known to people in Ohio and political nerds, but he's got a lot of ground to make up. Debates start in June!
I think a number of prospective candidates are waiting to see what Biden does. If Biden jumps in, I expect to see quite a few fade quietly out of the picture. Brown may be such a one.