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Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
Likely to be two debutants in top six.

Cheers for this - interesting to get a perspective on this. The one thing that seems to be implied in amongst all this is that Warner isn't coming back when his ban is up but Smith is? Seems to me like Australia need both of them, unless one of these guys can stick.

Speaking as someone who isn't looking at the news on this daily or exposed to the Australian media, Warner seems like the one who is coming out of this best - just shut his mouth and got on - Handscomb and Smith on the other hand have been in the news chucking everyone under the bus.

On the rest of the team - difficult again as we don't see much of your domestic stuff at all outside the BBL, though we do get the internationals. Labuschange looks rubbish from what I have seen. Some of the others seems to have the weight of runs in Sheffield Shield which suggest they should be tried (Burns for one) but I don't know how much of this is just looking at a sheet with numbers on it and picking the biggest one. You've probably got far better idea than I as to whether there's technical ability there to support the figures.

@Teuton - I think Wiliamson has had good results but don't know how much that's just because he's got a good bowling attack. One of the issues of everything bar the first session of their Tests being on in the middle of the night here, I suppose.

@AK84 - yes, deliberate understatement. I can't put my hands on it at the moment but I read somewhere in amongst the welter of Brexit coverage up here that Englishmen have a tendency to describe spilling their tea or burning their toast as an utter disaster, whilst describing things that could decide the fate of mankind as "somewhat sub-optimal".

Everyone has got a start in the Windies line up but no one has kicked on. Anderson just got Hope on an inside edge to Foakes. It's 174-4 off 65 overs.

As you can tell, scoring has also been slow. Commentators suggesting that the wicket has runs in it though. \_(ツ)_/

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