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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
We are not really talking about the moral behavior. Lets be clear on that.

If the man had given the immigrants food and water...AND called ICE...then he would be on the right side of the law.

The behavior that is forbidden is being part of a network that helps immigrants skirt immigration law.
How do I know whether a group of random people are "skirting the law" or just some tourists that got lost?

Hell, I wouldn't even know how to contact ICE myself. I almost asked "are they in the phone book?" but then I remembered we don't have phone books these days any more than we have rotary dial phones. I do know how to hand someone a sandwich and a bottle of water if they need it, and how to call 911 if emergency aid is required. With most Americans the first action upon encountering someone in distress is "can I help you?" rather than calling ICE. At least for know.

What next, we're going to ask anyone from south of the border to sew a little green leaf on their shirts?