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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
You're shifting goalposts and you think you're witty.
No, it’s that I’ve got online ones at the ready, and if they can suffice I’d be glad to cite them; but if that would count as shifting goalposts, then I’d rather find out beforehand and supply a dead-tree cite instead. I’m looking for clarification because I’m looking to avoid a goalpost shift.

No, I don't actually hear that term very much. Where do you live that you do?
Seriously? I just searched it on Google News, and saw “trespassers” get featured prominently but routinely in articles from all over the country — often mundanely getting the idea across right there in the headline, whether it was a story out of Pennsylvania or Minnesota or Virginia or New Mexico or whatever.

Why the hell are you stopping random people and asking to see their residency/citizenship documents? No, you CAN'T tell by "looking at someone" if they're here legally or not, or even whether their a citizen or not.
That’s not my point. You said “terms like "undocumented" are less inflammatory. It indicates a non-standard entry without passing judgement on it prior to a formal hearing which may or may not bring to light more information.” You add that I “CAN'T tell by "looking at someone" if they're here legally or not”; my point is, I likewise can’t tell by "looking at someone" if they’re undocumented or not.