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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
A review of the above posts indicates we agree that the corporate form allows individuals to avoid personal responsibility. It's not a value judgement and the form is useful in an industrial society.

So, syllogistically:

The corporate form allows individuals to avoid personal responsibility
Some Conservatives use the corporate form
:. Some Conservatives avoid personal responsibility

So, accepting personal responsibility is not a universal attribute of Conservatives.
In post #107, I noted that a willingness to accept trade-offs is an aspect of conservatism. It's called pragmatism. We tend to leave dogmatism to the liberals. Conservatives also believe that if something is working successfully, it should continue. This is known as the principle of prescription. Corporate capitalism has been successful as an economic system for over 400 years. So yes, we tend to back it. It's not a mutually exclusive choice between backing personal responsibility and corporatism. I'll have the best of each, thanks.

If I see someone driving recklessly who then crashes, I'm going to call the emergency services, and then see if the person needs first aid. I'm not going to just move on because the driver has personal responsibility for the accident. Does that mean I lose my conservative credentials? On the other hand, I am going to support the person being punished for reckless driving. I'm not going to think "Oh the accident was punishment enough", or think society failed the driver by not providing him with proper driver education.