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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
I'm not accusing anyone of hypocrisy at all.

Let me put it this way. When Mitt Romney said, "I'll never convince [the 47%] to take personal responsibility and care for their lives," was he

a) making a nuanced argument about whether aid to communities in need should be compulsory or voluntary, or
b) making a value judgement about which Americans deserve help at all?

Do you think statements like that about people being unable to take personal responsibility and care for their lives are likely to increase, or decrease, voluntary charitable aid from those who agree with that message?

I think Romney was saying a third thing:

C. When people are dissatisfied, unhappy and circumstances are not what they want them to be, they are likely to blame anything and anyone but themselves, and this is bad.

And I agree with that. Life is what you make of it.

I donít feel like that because I want people to admit they are inferior pieces of shit, or fuckups or they made their own bad and have to lie on it.

I feel like that because people learn from fucking up, and if you donít realize that you fucked up you canít learn and youíve wasted the experience and you are probably going to fuck up again.

Also, because taking personal responsibility is empowering. Perhaps you are in a situation where 98% of it isnít your fault or there was nothing you could do about it. That leaves you 2% to work with. Taking personal responsibility letís you identify the things that you can work on to change your circumstances. If you donít, your stuck.