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Originally Posted by Ale View Post
Really, he did it to himself?
Did he film himself, post a tendentiously edited video to social media? Publish the story in mainstream media with titles such as (IIRC) "This is the face of white supremacy"?
So you're saying the Big Evil Mass Media made him attack an old man? How clever are they!?!

What you are doing is blaming the victim, and I have zero doubt you'll change your tune pretty damn fast if it was you or someone you care at the centre of a manufactured moral panic like this.
For a group who loves to toss around the term "snowflake" like you're in the middle of a blizzard, you sure like to play the victim card a lot.

But, evidently, the kid is a convenient scapegoat for Trump, can't really hurt the big guy so lash it out on a kid, it's utterly disgusting.
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