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I honestly find "natural" free will more believable than free will under an omniscient creator. If he knows everything, he knows everything then he knows everything we will do.

Outside of an omniscient god, we have nothing that can predict our every move with 100% precision. I think that would be the the only "proof" that free will doesn't exist. Until that time, I think it is fine to think that free will exists and I will not fault a person for thinking one way or another (btw, I also think it's absolutely fine to believe in God). I think our unpredictability is pretty convincing evidence that we have something like free will.

I believe a "choice" is created by an immensely complex set of factors related to past experiences, beliefs, your peers, your brain chemistry, stress, etc. It is such a unique signature, that while I believe a machine could probably predict your actions with pretty good accuracy, I do not think it could do it within your lifetime, as all those factors are constantly changing. I do not think choice is necessary always a conscious choice either.

I do believe people can change and make different choices than the would have at different times under similar circumstances (e.g. become "better" or "worse" people). One could easily argue that transformation was not due to choice either, but it's close enough for me.