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Some small employers do have inadequate resources for implementing thorough checking of immigration status for their employees. If Immigration enforcement offered assistance to the prospective employer, without bullying the employees the cost benefit. for both ICE, and small business owners would be motivating. It could be done via email, with minimal physical visits, at local offices. This isn't rocket science.

The small businesses aren't the problem, anyway. Employers of fifty or more seasonal employees are unquestionably aware that a large percentage of their employees are immigrants. and the cost of verifying their legal status is THE EMPLOYER'S RESPONSIBILITY. Simply enforce RICO warrants on CEO's and COO's all businesses convicted of employing illegal workers twice in the same five year period. Confiscate the business's assets, as allowed for ongoing criminal enterprises. Declare the shares to have no value, and sell the assets to cover the costs.

When you motivate the people who can actually make the changes, the changes will occur.

It might cut down on some political campaign funding.

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