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There's already workarounds for that. It would be trivial to add e-verify to the list. There's plenty of things that are required to be submitted online but employers below a certain threshold (for employee count, income, tax due per period etc) are allowed to do in other ways or not do at all. I'm going to guess the Amish already either fit into one of those categories or they have outside help with this kind of thing and whoever does that would handle this as well. If Amish societies become the new refuge for illegal migrant workers, then we can work on that.

But we'd get back all those jobs they stole. There's unquestionably thousands of migrant workers that come up from Mexico to work in farms in Summer. If you crack down on that, all the people complaining that they took 'er jerbs, could go work there.

The OP mentioned biometrics, K9bfriender changed that to facial recognition. There's other types of biometrics. Finger prints and hand stamps, for example. Interestingly, someone I know added a handstamp time clock to his business and his employees wouldn't use it because they didn't want their fingerprints being taken. Understood. But to be clear these machines don't look at your fingerprints or even the bottom of your hand at all. They take a picture from above and use finger length and distance apart (IIRC) to set up a way to recognize you.
One comment: the illegal immigrants didn't directly "steal" jobs. More jobs were created to take advantage of the illegal immigrants being available. If a real set of policies and enforcement mechanisms were put in place, it would need to be done gradually, and the employers probably need at least a partial amnesty program. (so all 10 million or so illegal workers don't all get thrown out at once. That's far too much of a disruption)

What they do is they push the market price for labor in the fields that illegal immigrants can perform below minimum wage. So there are little to no jobs for Americans in those fields being offered at all, because the employer doesn't want to pay minimum wage for a worker who will not work as hard as an illegal immigrant.

If illegal immigrants were to gradually become unavailable (either through deportations or amnesty + training for the ones here) then businesses would have to change over time to use less backbreaking labor in deplorable conditions. They would have to start using more efficient processes and automation and the costs for some things would increase.