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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Hang on. Let's take the limit of your statement.

Let's say vaping is 10% as harmful as smoking. (many estimates are on the order of 5%)

Let's say 100% of Americans start vaping. So this would be the same thing as a U.S. population of 10% smokers....15% of Americans are smokers.

So this would be a net reduction in harm. (50% less death and illness from "smoking")

Let's say vape smoke turns out to have some toxic ingredient that causes long term damage and eventual death. Unlike cigarettes, because combustion isn't involved, a vape juice maker has far more control into what goes into the product. Only 2 ingredients - the glycol forming the smoke and the nicotine - are essential. So as long as those 2 specific ingredients are not found to be super harmful, it would be possible to reformulate the product to avoid causing harm, if necessary. (licensed manufacturers who document what goes into the product and use pharmaceutical style process controls is an important step forwards)

I don't see a rational claim here that vaping is causing a net harm to public health. You're going to need more support than vague claims that the stuff might be too harmful or the fact that kids are doing it.
Your analysis has some fundamental flaws.

On the plus side of vaping is the increase in those who manage to quit with vaping being easily obtainable and flavored in kiddie appealing tastes above and beyond those who would mange to quit using nicotine gum/patches or vaping only available in less kid-friendly formats and more tightly controlled.

How much is that? I accept that it is non-zero but I see no evidence that it is a big number. The rate of decrease in smoking rates among established smokers has not dramatically sped up since vaping has taken off. But let's be generous, and say that one out of ten of current smokers can manage to quit by vaping with these flavors and marketing who would not otherwise be able to quit.

That plus, a fairly small one, is weighed against the numbers of new smokers being created BY vaping and the direct harms of vaping in a much larger number of new users who would otherwise have been doing neither. A huge one.

But yes, I could accept controls on marketing and required testing for proof of safety on all ingredients.