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Saturday evening I posted on Facebook expressing my disbelief that Trump didn't believe Cat 5 hurricanes ever happened. .i

Some people responded with things like "he's a moron" and "he's a racist" (that last from someone who lives in FL, but has family in PR who were *devastated* by Maria).

And in chimes my sister-in-law, pointing out that "only 3 of them have ever hit us". And linking to a 2 year old article saying that only 3 cat-5 hurricanes had ever hit the US. Which was true enough at the time (this was as Irma was heading our way) but is no longer true (Michael, 2018).

Others chimed in with links to the fact that there have been a lot more than 3 cat-5 hurricanes. I responded by saying "may have been true at the time if filtering for ones that were still cat-5 when they hit the mainland".

Her response: "Since none of you all will listen to facts that disagree with your preconceived expectations, I'm bowing out".

Pot, meet kettle. Yes, those links were buried in a lot of "Trump's a moron" posts, but still....

I actually messaged her saying pretty much what I posted above. and saying that it doesn't have to be cat-5 at landfall to be devastating (e.g. Katrina, Sandy). I then followed up with "I wouldn't have bothered to respond but you accused others of refusing to look at facts that disagreed with their preconceptions". Probably shouldn't have bothered with that last. But if she can throw a hissy fit, so can I.

Oh, and Trump's quote this weekend?

He said virtually the IDENTICAL thing... 2 years ago.