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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
... While I would love to see and perhaps get involved with a discussion about Natural/God given rights, tossing it in as a trump card in a discussion about the 2nd Amendment irks me slightly.
OK - "irks me slightly." I guess I can see your point. For example, when writing a legal brief, I will present in descending order the various arguments I advance.

One problem might be that internet discussions are less formal/structured than legal briefs. On the internet, people often do not "show their entire hand" right off the bat - whether arguing gun rights or anything else.

Are you saying that people will generally say that you "won" the constitutional interpretation argument, leading them to switch gears? Or do they just "shift the goalposts", saying the Const argument is irrelevant b/c they have OTHER arguments.

I can imagine that either would be "slightly irksome," but they don't impress me as unique to gun rights, terribly surprising, or more than "slightly irksome."
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