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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
Until you can use so-called reason to change a critical massís opinion. Or seize control of power and use the violence of the state to ensure compliance.

You question the premise that the past ought to influence the present and the future. The idea that sovereignty is derived from the governed may seem anachronistic to the left but thankfully the majority in the US donít feel that way.
It should embarrass the right to claim the virtue of sovereignty with respect to gun rights, while historically and presently denying sovereignty to women, minorities and LGBTQs. Fortunately, the left has successfully used reason to change critical mass opinion on the latter. I have good reason to hope that in time it will be equally successful on the former.

You may like to pretend that the right was always for universal sovereign rights for all, but you have no right to do so in light of all the evidence (philosophy) to the contrary. In the spirit of this OP, the right should at least be honest in admitting that their appreciation for sovereignty is really about: 1) their personal right to gun ownership, and, 2) having to extend the same consideration to progressive issues.
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