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Originally Posted by cmosdes View Post
I'm not so sure he is as dissatisfied as you outlined, but if he is, sure, you are ahead of him under a different definition of winning.
Trump has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like the white house (not enough gold plating), and he most certainly doesn't like doing the job. And sure he gets to spend most of his time watching TV and golfing, but can you credibly say he wasn't doing that already? I get the distinct impression he considers the presidency a step down from where he was prior to being elected, in pretty much every material way. And that's before you get into the increased legal scrutiny that being president has gotten him.

You may think that being president is the height of success, but I think he doesn't. He claims otherwise because admitting failure or fault makes his neurotic little brain break, and he'll cling to the office to his last breath because however much of a step down it was, where he's going after will almost certainly be far worse - four walls and a cot, or six walls and a pillow.