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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
No, not at all. What's truly odd is that anyone who was hooked on cigarettes and then switched to being hooked on nicotine vaping would defiantly announce that they'd likely switch back to cigarettes if denied flavored nicotine vapes.
Who did that? That would be odd, especially since a man made of straw should stay away from fire, smoking included.

I resignedly informed that if I am no longer able to vape, then I would get my nicotine by cigarette, I am not sure why you would choose to misrepresent my statement in such a ridiculous way.

I vastly prefer vaping to smoking, but if you take that option away, I am just pointing out that I'm not very likely to quit ingesting nicotine in whatever form is left to me.

Apparently that's supposed to make the rest of society throw up its hands in horror and say "Oh NO! Please don't do that! Look, here are some lovely watermelon and bubblegum-flavored nicotine vapes!! Come back, please!!!"
See, like I said, you want to make this about you, and I'm just pointing out that this is not about you.

It doesn't make a whopping difference to me if nicotine addicts seek to self-destruct faster out of pique.*
Since you really really want to make this about you rather than about those affected by the decisions that you endorse, does if make any difference to you if the morbidity and mortality of respiratory illness increases because you chose to ban vaping products in a fit of reactionary pique?
I just don't want to see the vaping industry and its Big Tobacco affiliates create a whole new generation of nicotine addicts by using flavors and deceptive advertising to entice them.
Nor do I. Don't really see what anything that you have said has to do with that.


Given that we don't know yet exactly what constituents of vaping medium are causing serious acute lung illness (not to mention the specter of slow-developing irreversible chronic lung disorders), it strikes me as hugely irresponsible at this time to be encouraging the sale of CBD vape products.
Sounds like some regulation is in order. I'd absolutely be happier to know that the vaping products that I use have been determined to not contain any adulterants that would cause serious acute lung illness. Regulating the industry is saying, “Hey, that flavor of strawberry contains this chemical, which will cause acute lung illness.” and that chemical is removed from the stores. If instead of regulating the industry, you simply ban such products, then people will make their own or buy from the grey market or use things that are not meant to be used, and increase their chances of acute lung illness.

I get it, it's not about flavors, it's not about oils or about the dangers of using untested and unregulated products. It is about you wanting to ban all forms of nicotine delivery. You feel that we'd be better off is no one had access to nicotine, and you actually may not be wrong about that. But, banning things that you don't want people to use has almost never worked, and has never led to positive outcomes.

You want to keep these out of kid's hands? I can think of a bunch of things that you can do, that does not cause millions of adults to have to give up a product that they use responsibly and legally. Take Juuls out of convenience stores, and only allow vaping products to be sold in licensed vape or tobacco shops. Crack down hard on any vape shops that sell to underage individuals. If you think that the flavors are too convenient, I would completely support banning flavors sold in those prepackaged cartridges, and if it is determined to be necessary, also banning nicotine juice pre-mixed with flavors. If you are actually interested in lowering teen vaping, rather than simply banning something you don't like, I have another half dozen or so ideas of ways to lower teenage vaping, without impacting an adult's ability to legally and responsibly use a product.

Try that first. If you do, and you still find that teen vaping is too high, then we can come back and revisit it. But, that you will not try some very common sense actions that have a much higher chance of moving toward your goal, but would rather take a product that I use legally and responsibly out of my hands, you betray that your motivation is not about the children, but about using "what about the children" as an excuse to control what other adults do with and to their bodies.