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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Ignoring everything Trump has done in the past, he is now openly asking foreign countries to investigate his political opponents, so I have to ask those of you who support him: What in the holy fuck is wrong with you people?
At what point did you decide that there is no difference between right and wrong? Have all of you always secretly been this crookedly self-serving and were just waiting for the right opportunity to show your true colors? And the first mealy-mouthed jackass that suggests that they wouldn't be this way if we just listened to those bigots and talked nicey-nicey to them can just shove it where the sun don't shine. I've seen how they talk on their own forums and in person, and I've seen how they respond to differences of opinion in their own forums and in person, and I've got a bit of advice about those of you who bitch about not being treated "fairly" here: I've seen your version of "fair" on your home turf, so be damn glad we don't treat you the way you do others.
Really. What the FUCK is wrong with you assholes?