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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Except that smokers kill 50000 non-smokers a year, mostly kids and the elderly. And about half of the smokers wanna quit and I have had almost every smoker friend of mine quit thru vaping. It works. ...
You missed my "not near other people" bit did you? But yeah selfish fucks who don't care about other people are selfish fucks.

To be more precise it is 41,000 deaths from second-hand smoke a year, not mostly kids, mostly adults from coronary artery disease.

Someone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes can (sometimes) quit even using a vaping product as an aid without a form factor and marketing approach that creates a new generation of addicts. The "But I need my cotton candy and banana split flavors! Take it away and I'll smoke I will! You just watch me!!! Wah." whining is still cry me a effin river.

The "I'll smoke near my kids!" threat is just dumb.

The success of decreasing the number of smokers has been almost exclusively because there have been fewer becoming nicotine addicts in the first place. Once someone is addicted and smoking the success rate of stopping smoking is dismal - inclusive of those who try to switch to vaping. I'd WAG that more the decrease in current smokers is more from death than quitting.

Teens who vape are much more likely, three times as likely, to become regular smokers, a pattern that is highest for those teens who would otherwise had been considered low risk for smoking onset. And yeah add in the unknown long term impacts of the various under-regulated additives being inhaled in vaping products themselves.

Reducing the number of teens (and pre-teens!) who become addicted to nicotine is the more important consideration.

So no I really don't care about adult addicts absolutely and selfishly having to have the most pleasurable addiction experience possible.